Deportation Defense & Waivers

We Help You Avoid Deportation

One of the biggest concerns immigrants have is whether they will be deported in the future. There are many reasons individuals may be served with an order for immigration deportation. Unfortunately, many immigrants attempt to face this process without an immigration lawyer by their side. This often leads to a negative outcome for the case. At JJ Moore & Associates in Nashville, we offer assistance to those who are facing removal proceedings so they can fight against it with a better chance of winning.

How to Stop Deportation

In the United States, there are several ways you can stop the deportation process. Many of those methods require the help of an experienced immigration lawyer who is most familiar with the process. We can help you understand all your options so you can make the best choice. Our attorneys can help you with:

  • Waivers — To obtain a waiver, immigrants must prove hardship to himself or a close family member if deportation occurs. There are several types of waivers individuals can seek, making an immigration lawyer important.
  • Suspension of Deportation — Some individuals facing the immigration deportation process can file for permanent residency during the process to allow them to remain. Immigrants must meet three criteria: physically present for seven years, be of good moral character and prove extreme hardship for close family members.
  • Adjustment of Status — An immigrant who is married to, a child of or parent of a citizen may file for a change in status to a lawful permanent resident. An immigration lawyer can help you determine if you qualify for this method.
  • Legalization and Registry — This option is open to those who have maintained physical presence since before 1972, are in good moral standing, are not deportable due to aggravated grounds and may be eligible for naturalization.
  • Voluntary Departure — Because the deportation process does not allow for return to the United States for any reason, many immigrants choose to leave the country voluntarily to avoid deportation. Immigration lawyers can help you request a voluntary departure.

If you are facing immigration deportation, contact us. Our experienced Nashville immigration lawyers can help you fight the removal proceedings and choose the right method to avoid deportation.